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Top FAQs

Are all products authentic?

Yes, we strictly control the supply channels, all products are authentic and high-quality from Souq, Apple, eBay, Amazon and soon.

How to play Mazadarabi?

Log in - You can log in Mazadarabi through your Facebook,Email or a valid email.

Select a Product - Click on your favorite products,choose and spend the coins you want. If you spend 5 coins on one or differentproducts, you will get 5 draw numbers.

Wait for Reveal - When all coins for one product are soldout, the lucky number will be revealed based on the principle of fairness andjustice. The person who holds the lucky number will win the product. The morelucky numbers you hold, the more likely you'll win.

Delivery - No need to pay extra fee for shipping theproduct, Mazadarabi will arrange the shipping for you in 7 working days.

What is Coin? Can I withdraw the Coin?

Coin represents money on Mazadarabi, you top up 1 USD andget 1 Coin, then you can use 1 Coin to purchase the product you want. To benoted, Coin is non-refundable.

How do I get my lucky product?

When the lucky number is generated, a notification from Mazadarabiwill be sent to you. You need to complete your correct shipping address, thenwe will order the product for you in 7 working days.

Kind Reminder: The shipping address in your profile willnot be taken as default shipping address, so you must confirm your informationevery time when you win in 7 days, otherwise, it will be regarded as you give the item up

Should I pay extra Shipping Fee and Handling Fee?

All products on Mazadarabi are free shipping andhandling, so you don't need to pay extra fee after winning the product.

Can I retrieve my coins if the item hasn't beenrevealed?

Sorry you can't. But if the item hasn't been revealed for60 days, Mazadarabi will retrieve the coins you spent to your account.

When can I receive my winning product?

After Mazadarabi delivered the item to the winner , wewill send winner a tracking number of the item. Thenwinner can check its shipping status by tracking number.

Kind Reminder:

1) Different platform will take different time to deliver the item ,it is according to the platform rules (Souq, Apple, eBay, Amazon andso on)

2) The shipping address in your profile will not be takenas default shipping address, so you must confirm your shipping informationevery time after you win in 7 days, otherwise, it will be regarded as you giveup the prize.