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Shipping & Delivery

Should I pay extra Shipping Fee and Handling Fee?

All products on Mazadarabi are free shipping and handling, so you don't need to pay extra fee after winning the product.

When can I get my winning product?

Mazadarabi will make order for winner in 1-7 working daysonce shipping address has been confirmed. To be noted, the exact delivery timedepends on courier's operation.

Kind Reminder: The shipping address in your profile willnot be taken as default shipping address, so you must confirm your informationevery time after you won the item in 7 days, otherwise, it will be regarded as you give up it.

Can I change my delivery data after I confirm?

You can not change your delivery data once confirmed. Ifone product can not be delivered correctly to you according to the wrongaddress you filled in , Mazadarabi will assume no responsibility.

How can I check my shipping record?

A notification from Mazadarabi will be sent to you whenproduct is delivered, and you can check it in Winning Record page.

What if one product can not be delivered for reasons,how should I handle it?

The only reason for this case could be the product youwon has been sold out on our partner side and we can not deliver it within 7working days . In this case ,Mazadarabi will return the coins which has samevalue of the item you won .

Is product warranty service available?

All products are authentic and high-quality from Souq,Apple, eBay, Amazon and so on. If there are product quality problems, it issuggested to contact the according platform official after-sales to solve your problem . If you are unable to contact them, you can contact us to assist processing.