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What is Mazadarabi?

Mazadarabi is a lucky shopping site, which combines thecrowd funding concept with popular online shopping. On Mazadarabi, you canprobably spend only 1 dollar to buy high-valued products. Stylish watches,newest smart phones, cameras and fashionable products, you can find out varioushot sale products on Mazadarabi. Just make a small attempt and win what youdream for.

Is Mazadarabi fair and just?

Absolutely! Fairness and justice is the first principleof Mazadarabi, which is reflected in the lucky number chosen process. Every lucky number is calculated out through a comprehensive random algorithms.

Are all products authentic?

Yes, we strictly control the supply channels all productsare authentic and high-quality from Souq, Apple, eBay, Amazon and so on.

How to play Mazadarabi?

Log in - You can log in Mazadarabi through your Facebook,Google or a valid email.

Select a Product - Click your favorite products, choose andspend the coins you want. If you spend 5 coins on one or different products,you will get 5 draw numbers.

Wait for Reveal - When all coins for one product are soldout, the lucky number will be revealed based on the principle of fairness andjustice. The person who holds the lucky number will win the product. The morelucky numbers you hold, the more likely you'll win.

Delivery - No need to pay extra fee for shipping theproduct.

How does the lucky number been calculated out?

Calculation Formula:

Lucky number = 10000001 + Variation (Number A)

Number A: when the last number of one item distributed,the platform will make summation for the purchase records of latest 50 timesacross the outlet, rule is sum up all time unit, for example 20:15:25.362 is 201525362

What is Coin? Can I withdraw the Coin?

Coin represents money on Mazadarabi, you top up 1 USD and get 1 Coin, then you can use 1 Coin to purchase the product you want. To be noted, Coin is non-refundable.