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What are payments Mazadarabi supports?

Mazadarabi supports most of popular payment ways, including credit card, online banking, Paypal and so on. Payment packages are various from different payment ways.

What is Coin? Can I withdraw the Coin?

Coin represents money on Mazadarabi, you top up 1 USD and get 1 Coin, then you can use 1 Coin to purchase the product you want. Currently, Coin is non-refundable.

What should I do when payment problems occur?

Situation I: when you successfully recharge by top up, online banking, credit cards or other payment ways, but get no coins added. The solutions could be the following:

(1) Check with the bank you are trying - If it is caused by bank system error, the payment will be returned to your account in 7 working days. You can contact your bank for details.

(2) Check your network connection - Network connection could be the reason why coins are failed to be added into your account, therefore please check your network connection and the payment will be topped up into your Mazadarabi account in 7 working days.

Situation II: when you are purchasing a product and you pay successfully, but get no draw number.

(1) Buy in new draw - The reason for this case could be all coins are sold out when your payment completed. But don't worry we will return your coins to your account,so that you can buy in new draw. You can check if your coins being returned or not in My Assets page one day after.

2) Contact your customer service - There might be some other cases, so you can just provide payment error pages or other useful screenshots to us, we are glad to assist you.

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